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Resolve to Engage Your Employees in 2015

The phrase, “employee engagement” tends to lose power each time someone hits it with a laser pointer in a conference room.  But when it comes right down to it, employee engagement is about honoring, recognizing, and uplifting people. It’s about showing them they are valued and connected to something bigger than themselves that really matters. It’s about bringing the spark that makes them special, unique, and priceless into the workplace.

This month, make a resolution to take small steps that make a real difference in how employees feel about their jobs and how much of themselves they contribute in the workplace.

Here are three simple things you resolve to do this year to better engage employees:

  • Communicate regularly: Keeping employees in the loop about the company’s big picture and their role in it makes them feel valued and included, promotes a healthy attitude toward otherwise stressful changes, and helps ensure everyone is headed in the same direction. Whether you do it formally through newsletters, the company intranet, email blasts, text messages, or by just dropping by to talk, regular two-way communications create good will. Create a communications plan so those opportunities to share don’t slip through the cracks.
  • Create peer-to-peer recognition opportunities: Peer recognition may be more motivating because it comes from the people who know exactly what it takes to do the job well. It’s also more immediate and contextual than an annual or semi-annual review. Be sure to make peer recognition easy to do, frequent, and public and tie it to your company values.
  • Sponsor community service activities: Getting employees together to meet the needs of the world around you is a great way to strengthen relationships and make them feel good about working for a company whose concerns extend beyond its walls and its bottom line. Millennials in particular expect their work to connect them to something bigger than themselves.

This list is just a small sample of what you can do to make a big difference. Let us know what plans you have or what you have done in the past to increase employee engagement. And if you need expert help with an employee engagement plan, give us a shout. It’s what we do!

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