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Qualities to Look for in a Communications Consultant

Recently a friend of mine decided it was time to get a new job.  He wasn’t feeling fulfilled at his current job and wanted a position that he felt better matched his skill set.  He decided he wanted to get into a new field of work but wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do.  After an extensive job hunt he decided to take a position at a restaurant staffing company.  He enjoys working with others and has worked in the restaurant industry previously so this new position was a great fit for him.Illustration of the skills involved with consulting

This got me thinking.  What skills would a recruiter look for if they were trying to place someone in a communications consulting position?

The first skill that comes to mind is the ability to work well with others.  Collaboration is key when working on communications for your clients.  You must be able to listen to, speak to, and get along with all kinds of people with differing ideas and opinions.  It seems almost redundant to say but your communication skills must be very strong.

You must have strong leadership skills.  When a company hires a consultant they expect you to come in and fix a part of their business that may not be reaching its potential.  You need to be able to take charge of the situation and provide them with a fountain of creative solutions for them to choose from.

You must be a problem solver.  One thing that I learned early on working in communications consulting was that things rarely ever go as planned.  Thing will change at the drop of a hat and usually right before your deadline.  You need be able to think on your feet, be flexible and generate solutions to problems that arise.

These are just a few skills that I have found useful in my time working in communications consulting.  When you are considering hiring an agency or communications consultant, keep these characteristics in mind. What are some skills that you would look for in a communications consultant? Please share them with me at