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Building a Strong Foundation for your Internal Communications

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A house that’s built on an unstable foundation has little chance of being structurally sound.  Similarly, a business that doesn’t align itself from top to bottom will find itself on shaky ground.  Effective internal communications will serve as a way to inform, motivate, and guide your workforce toward your ultimate goals.  Here are a few basic principles to help keep your communications aligned from top to bottom:

1.  Take internal communications seriously.  Often a business gets so caught up with external communications that internal communications are neglected.  This is a serious problem.  If your employees don’t understand your company vision how can your customers?  Engage internal communications with the same enthusiasm and creativity that you would use when communicating with your customers.

2.  Be consistent. If your message isn’t consistent, your communications won’t be effective.  Once a message strategy is decided on, use the same consistent message across all available mediums (email, newsletters, videos, company meetings, etc.).

3.  Get feedback from your employees.  Employee feedback is often one of the most underutilized resources in internal communications.  Give your employees the opportunity to tell you what areas you are doing well in and where you need to improve.

4.  Set up measures to gauge the success of your internal communications.  Successful internal communications can be measured many ways such as employee action, feedback, efficiency, or personal development.  Once you have decided on an appropriate measure, track your success and refine your strategy if your goals are not met

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